Building a luxury brand

Cabinetworks has grown over the last 5 years into SA’s premium cabinetmaker, designing and building livingspaces for an elite clientelle. 28 stars was tasked with refreshing and strengthening their brand to reflect this growth and luxury offering. 

We partnered with Cabinetworks to create the full brand experience from brand identity, strategy, content, photography, website, user experience, advertising and more.

Capturing luxurious living

A full media library was created, we captured the luxurious livingspaces designed and built by Cabinetworks, shooting over 10 locations and capturing over 250 images.

An immersive user experience

By combining rich immersive imagery with a seamless user experience we where able to strengthen the brands premium offering. 

An integrated brand experience  

The rich visuals and premium offering was carried through to a coffee table book and product catalogue delivered to a key target market.

A bold brand toolkit  

A strong consistent brand carried through to all marketing collateral.

The brand story  

Cabinetworks was founded in 1994 by world renowned mountaineer Andy DeKlerk. He has always brought this unique history and passion for nature into the business and it has become part of the brand DNA – we told this story by using actual images from his historic climbs and weaving them into a rich story of commitment to nature and to perfection in everything that the company does.

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